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Your Business is Successful.

You may be losing some of your profits and not even know it.
There may be those taking a little for themselves.
We've created the world’s first comprehensive, searchable database of employees whom have allegedly embezzled from their employers. A background check is always the first step to insure you don’t hire a potential threat, but ONLY CONVICTIONS are found in public records searches. Whether someone has allegedly taken $20 out of a cash register, or has allegedly embezzled millions of dollars at their previous job, is that someone you want working at your company? No! It’s a proven fact that an offender will learn new tricks and ways to steal from their workplace, and the amounts they embezzle will continue to increase. Let the database be the added level of security your company needs when screening potential employees.
National Database
Our Database is comprised of
both local and national
alleged fraudulent offenders.
Alleged vs. Convicted
Alleged fraud does not show up in
databases. Utilize our tools to fine
tune your searches.
Background Checks
Combine your background checks
with our database of Fraud Offenders
for a more accurate results.

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*2.9 Trillion Dollars (5% of the Gross World Product) - according to the FBI and ACFE
It is reported that U.S. organizations lose an estimated 7% of their annual revenues to fraud. Fraud increases as personal economic trouble increases. Employers need to know now to protect their business.*
Protect Your Business From Fraud   Protect Your Profits & Your Companies Future